Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sad Story of Indonesian Women Workers

Indonesian labor heartbreaking story repeated, sadistic treatment Sumiati experienced when he worked in Saudi Arabia is one of the cases that are often accepted by the Indonesian women workers when working overseas. Not only sadistic acts experienced by the Indonesian workers but also lead to death. Heinous acts by the employer would have been beyond the limits of humanity, they have no conscience and act like a devil who could hit up to severe injury, using a wood or iron. Torture experienced by domestic helpers as experienced Sumiati very heartbreaking. Her face and body full of sores caused by a blunt object and hit the heat, and she has disability and trauma in her life,

Recognition of Sumiati, loss of upper lip is a result of being beaten repeatedly with a timber by her employer. As a result of a blunt object hit it many times, the upper lip Sumiati front teeth chipped in and also fall out. Sumiati pleaded not clear because it makes every time she was tortured by her employer.  "When employers get angry, she was always on punishment by beatings" said Sumiati. "The actions of employers from Sumiati very barbaric, sadistic and cruel," said Zulkarnain Sumiati uncle, who is currently accompanying Sumiati in hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

With votes still haltingly, because sobbing cry, Zulkarnain told the first time he met with Sumiati at the hospital. Sumiati burst into tears when he was in the entourage of Indonesian foreign ministry who came over Sumiati. Although the condition of the wounds all over her body, Zulkarnain indirectly asking about cause injuries sustained Sumiati. Zulkarnain trying to not add grief Sumiati, by telling the state of her family in Indonesia.

"I hug and kiss her. I told the fine first. The important thing is you are healthy first. You must be patient, steadfast, strong and live it all," said Zulkarnain told to Sumiati.

Acts of torture that have been experienced Sumiati only a fraction of the suffering that has been experienced by Indonesian women workers. Violations of human rights is often accepted by women workers to the household sector. Every year women workers from Indonesia who would have died from torture by their employer, and the sadistic and barbaric treatment is often the case in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.

Dream to Have a Popular Website

Have a popular website that would be a dream for anyone. To make the website popular is not easy for those who do not have enough knowledge, and vice versa would be easy for those people who are professional. To create an attractive website with good performance is not difficult to now, many hosting services that have been integrating a variety of support facilities that make it easy for anyone to build a website in a short time and easy to do.

I have visited and seen many hosting services that provide many facilities to build an interesting and attractive website. They offer hosting services at a cost that varies with the variety of supporting tools. Building a good website and attract more visitors would be our hope. Finding and collecting information prior to building the website to choose the website hosting that suit our needs do be done. The more information we have got, it will be easier for us to take decisions in choosing the right hosting service for websites to be built.

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For those of you who are still confused to choose the right hosting service for your needs, I suggest you should contact customer service provided by web hosting services, and they would be happy to help and answer all your doubts about hosting you will choose to build a website such as your dreams.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Youtube Deleted Videos Related to Bomb Moscow

Youtube deleted a video that shows the leadership of the Muslim rebel group the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, Doku Umarov. Google, as the owner of Youtube do so after receiving protests from Russian citizens. Umarov is known as a leader of the group responsible for bombings in Moscow March 29, 2010.

"The first video contains about Umarov statement about our suicide bombers have been removed, yesterday," Google spokesman said the Russian Alla Zabrovskaya. "We pulled it after a number of Internet users who complain and protest. Moderators we assess the video contains about propaganda, violence, hatred, and intimidation, and that's against the rules on Youtube," added Zabrovskaya.

In his video Umarov said he personally ordered the attack. He added that the attacks against Russia will continue to be done. "As you know on March 29 in Moscow, two special operations conducted to destroy the infidels," Umarov said in the video was four and a half minutes.

Suicide bombing that killed approximately 40 people and 80 people injured. Google itself has started to do a 'cleansing' of the videos that violate the rules. Pressure to remove the video also comes from the Russian government. "Does Google support the terrorists? If it is true, a member of Russia's security should investigate Google's activities in Russia," warned Robert Shlegel, Russian Deputy Parliament to urge elimination of related Google videos Umarov.

iPhone and Blackberry to Fight to Win the Market

iPhone and Blackberry mobile market continues to fight to win over users. It can be tough to compare the two, because each has different advantages. But for the satisfaction of users, the iPhone is considered superior. A recent report J.D. Power and Associates, a company that assesses the level of consumer satisfaction, said mobile phone users now prefer a smart phone with touch screen technology.

The technology was considered to be more satisfied the customers in the United States rather than phones that use the numeric keypad, or a Qwerty keyboard. "Touch screens are ideal for those who want a phone for entertainment needs, wide-screen display and provide new experiences for users," said Kirk Parsons, JD Senior Director of Wireless Services Power and Associates. In addition, Kirk says content on the iPhone is also a key to reaching consumers.

Manufacturers must focus in order to make phones that can support users to get content. "For users, the speed of downloading an application on the phone very much needed," said Kirk. Apple is considered successful offers the best smartphone for the community, while the Blackberry is second. iPhone excels in operating systems, features and physical appearance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Appearance is Not Important for Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller looks amazing in the cover of Vegas magazine March issue. Fascinating not because of the glow of luxury jewelry or trendy clothes, and appearance is not everything as she says. Miller performed with platinum blonde wavy hair, and do not miss, sexy piece of clothing. But what made her fascinating, Miller was never an emphasis on appearance.

Vegas told a bit of her story until now is very calculated in the modeling world. "I started modeling, then I think about who I am and what I want. But at the same time, I think of all the fact that my parents raised me and my brothers and sisters in the village, such as horseback riding and playing muddy. There is nothing important about how our appearance, " she said.

We only know that she is a Victoria's Secret catwalker who recently Harlequin Fantasy bra Damiani works. Reportedly, there are diamond bra worth $ 3 million. But actually, Marisa claims to have personally tomboy.  "I'm a tomboy. When I look began to get attention, it makes me really uncomfortable. Because, I do not know what to do, "I'm doing the best job possible, while I can do all things. But, at the time off, I'm not a woman who wants to be the center of attention, " she said. But now, modeling is a job that was exciting for him. In fact, Miller said it could take a different way. 

Little Girl Saves Brother from Fire

A child's 6-year-old woman miraculously managed to save brother from fire disasters. She was succeeded in saving a younger brother without regard to the severe burns he suffered. Virginia Rojo carrying her baby brother Joren, a 4-month-old from a burning shack in the island of Negros, Philippines. These brave girl protecting her brother from the flames with her own body.

The fire itself occurred when Virginia asleep in her sleep. "God woke me and told me to save my brother who was a baby," said Virginia. Although her brother survived without the slightest injury, Virginia suffered burns severe enough, burns on the face and hands. The police said the fire caused by cigarette ends which then sparked a house in the slum

A Zoo Keeper Men have been Killed in the Tiger Cage

An animal keeper at the zoo in Shanghai, China, died after being bitten by a tiger. Victim of approximately 50-year-old was found in a critical condition in a tiger cage. The man who was found dying on the morning that had died some time after he was found by zoo officials. Until now, it is unclear what the victim in a cage that beast. While the zoo itself declined to provide detailed information related to this incident. Communication to the zoo itself is not respected.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Microsoft Create Android Application of Competition

Microsoft seems to know exactly how to position themselves as 'friend or foe' to fellow competitors. The proof, although hostile to each other in the realm of operating systems, but Microsoft still threw the application for the platform of his opponent. A few months ago, Microsoft had actually made a lot of people surprised by the decision to develop several applications, including Bing on Apple's platform, which can run on smart phones iPhone.

Bing application for the iPhone are openly thrown in Apple's application store, the App Store. Now, after a successful Bing application platform received at the iPhone operating system. Today, Microsoft also will provide similar applications intended for the operating system Android, an open platform developed by Google. And as is known, Microsoft developed the operating system for mobile self-named Windows Phone, formerly called Windows Mobile.

Microsoft does not question the technology can run on various other platforms, even between Microsoft and other companies involved in the fierce business competition. In fact, they did not hesitate to create applications that can run on Windows Mobile, J2ME, BlackBerry and Symbian S60. They also do not mind if one day clashes between the application of their operating system to another. For the software giants 'mow' money can be obtained in any way and like anything, provided that uses an elegant way and legal.

I see very tight competition conducted by the giant companies that play in software such as google, microsoft and yahoo. their ideas and innovations they have done very useful for every user. I think this is their real steps to provide the best services for all people who use their services.

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